Stuttering Treatment – Give Your Negative Thoughts the Flick

The Road to Speech Fluency is a Positive One

I have just completed my intensive fluency course. I feel wonderful and fluent, fully in control of my stutter. It’s the first time I have ever had any level of control over this thing that has been dragging me down my whole life.

For the last week, six of us, all moderate to severe stutterers, sat in a clinic with a Speech Pathologist working on a technique known as Prolonged Speech. For many of us, this investment of time was a last resort in terms of finding some system, technique or tool to manage our stuttering. Motivation levels were not a problem, we were all just aching to find some relief from this embarrassing and psychologically devastating affliction.

Before the course we were told that we would spend a large part of the week speaking at much slower rates than usual and that we would be speaking quite a deal differently at the end of the course. We all thought, “Great, bring it on!” By the end of the week it was true, we were all speaking differently – we were making sounds differently, breathing differently, breathing and speaking in a rhythmical manner and thinking differently. By the end of the course we were all speaking fluently, at slower rates than usual, but all very fluent and all very happy with our newfound control. We all agreed that this technique was the answer to our stuttering problems. This was probably the first time that any of us had the thought, “I have a way of controlling my stutter,” – a positive thought about something that has always bred negativity within our minds.

The simple truth is, that unless we allow ourselves to use our new technique and follow this positive thought pattern, then all those old negative ‘ways of thinking’ would come to the fore and stuttering would again raise its head. Maintaining fluency is driven by the individual. The best techniques fall flat unless the individual attempting to use them has a positive outlook regarding technique and using it in the real world.

Cognitive training and support is available and of prime importance when attempting to manage stuttering. Without harnessing the mind and changing negative thought patterns that have always existed during our stuttering days, then establishing a new speaking technique can be very difficult.

Seek out this help and ensure that your road to speech fluency is ongoing and positively life-changing.

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